Foundation Stage 2 - Easter Activity Ideas

Happy Easter Foundation Stage 2. We know this Easter is probably different to what you are used to but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things you can do with the people you live with. Here’s some ideas of things to keep you busy over Easter. We would love to see photos of the activities you complete.

Design and make an Easter Bonnet

Have a look around your home or while on a walk. Collect sticks, feathers, flowers and leaves to make an Easter hat. Or what do you have in your home that you could use to make an Easter hat?


Make an Easter card for your family

Get creative using paints, coloured pencils, stickers, shapes, coloured card to make a special Easter card for your family. Don’t forget to write’ Happy Easter’ inside!


Set up an Easter hunt in your garden

Ask a grown-up to hide objects to make an Easter hunt. You could use chocolate, eggs, Lego, painted stones, soft toys or anything you have around your home.


Make a paper Easter Bunny

You will need some white paper or card, a small piece of string or ribbon, some glue and colouring pens or pencils.

You can find a tutorial here:


Find out about the Easter story.

Talk to someone in your family about the Christian Easter story.


Do some Easter baking

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a recipe for delicious crispie cakes!


Create an Easter picture

Use natural objects from your garden.

an you find leaves, feathers, stones, moss and twigs to help you make a picture outside on your grass or patio? Take a photo to share.


Read a book in an interesting place

Choose your favourite book and find somewhere cosy to read it! Don’t forget to share your pictures!


Write a letter/email to a friend

Egg starts with the letter ‘e’ – what else starts with the letter ‘e’? Write a list of other things that start with the letter ‘e’. How many things can you think of?


Sing an Easter song

Here’s one I love…


Observational sketching

At Easter time lots of flowers start growing in the ground and on trees. Find an interesting object from your home or garden to sketch carefully. Look at it closely and draw what you can see.


Write a story.

Can you write a story about the Easter bunny? You could start with ‘Once upon a time……’ or ‘One spring morning…’