Some fun, creative activities and experiments for Foundation home learning over May Half Term Found - Anything you do, please upload up to EExAT or Dojo. Your teachers are loving seeing what you are up to!

Crafty Flowers

Can you use a range of different materials from around your house to make some flowers



Bubble Snakes

Can you have a go a creating these fun bubble snakes

Also see what happens when you add some food colouring to the sock/dish cloth like this

Make Your Own Musical Instruments

Use some recyclable materials to make some different musical instruments. You could make a guitar, some shakers or even a microphone.



Salt Dough Jewellery

Can you make a necklace or a bracelet?



To make Salt Dough follow this simple recipe


Penny Spinners

These penny spinners are so much fun. All you need to make one is....






Glue stick

You can find more information and guidance here.

Blooming Flowers

Watch the magic happen with this little experiment...

All you need is some paper and a container of water, but to make it more interesting we always have to add a little colour!

Start by cutting out some paper flowers. You can use this template to help -

After they are cut out add some colour and patterns using felt tip pens.

Fold the flower petals into the centre. You do not want to fold them tightly, just a loose fold or they will not open as well. Don’t press the creases too tight.

Fill a bowl or other large container with a few inches of water. Place the folded flower into the water and the paper will absorb the water causing it to open the petals.

 It is pretty amazing to watch.