Foundation home learning activities - Anything you do, please upload up to EExAT or Dojo. Your teachers are loving seeing what you are up to!

It’s week two of ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. Look out on Dojo for the next video of your teachers reading the story

Can you make a Music Video?

Can you make a music video and send it to your teacher?

Can you practice and learn The Superworm Chant from the story?

Or learn this song below and make a video of you singing it.

Or even, get creative and make up your own song or chant!

Writing activity 1

 Do some research and find out some interesting facts about ‘Worms’.

What important jobs have worms to do to help our environment?

These websites might be useful -

Watch this video to help you too -

Can you make a fact file all about worms…?

Use these subheadings to make your fact file.

Where do they live?

What do they look like?

What do they eat?

Other interesting facts

You can use the worm fact file attachment or make your own.

Writing activity 2

Listen to the whole story with your grown up, then have a chat about your favourite parts of the story.

Which characters did you like the best?

Can you remember some of the useful things Superworm became during the story?

 Draw your favourite parts of the story. Draw your favourite characters.

Write sentences or words to describe your pictures.


Draw all the different animals and minibeasts in the story and cut them out.

 Can you sort them into insects and not insects?

Is there another way you could sort them?

Understanding of the World


Go for a worm hunt in your garden or local park.

Can you find more than one? Compare their lengths, which one is longer/shorter? Is one thicker/wider than the other?

Can you collect a few worms and make your own

‘Mini Wormery’?

Word Time 

Can you read and spell these words?

was   you       for  they

me  be  go    no  can   up

Play ‘Word Time Tic-Tac-Toe’.

This is a 2-player game.

Each person picks one word from the list. Instead of using noughts ‘O’ and crosses ‘X’ you write your word in a box for each turn