Foundation home learning activities - Anything you do, please upload up to EExAT or Dojo. Your teachers are loving seeing what you are up to!

This week's activities are based on another story by Eric Carle – The Very Busy Spider. Eric Carle also wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

What could you ask the spider to do?


In the story many animals ask the spider to do different activities.

“Want to eat some grass?

Want to run in the meadow?

Want to roll in the mud?” ...But she was too busy spinning her web!

What could you ask the spider to do?

Draw a picture of yourself asking a question to the spider. Use the speech bubble writing frame to help you.

Don’t forget to use a question mark ?

What did you think to this week’s story?

Can you write a book review about the story?

What was your favourite part?

How many stars would you give this book out of 5?



Watch this episode to help you use the Part Part Whole model to find different ways to make numbers.


Use the proforma to split numbers into parts, just like the Numberblocks!

For example, 3 is made up of 2 + 1

Spider Leg Addition

Can you play the spider leg addition game?

Pick a number sentence card and then use play dough and pipe cleaners to work out your answer.

Rules for the game can be found in the attachment above

Can you learn some interesting facts about spiders?

Go on another minibeast adventure with Jess and find out some interesting facts about spiders.

Can you find any spiders in your garden or when you are out on a walk?

Creative Spiders

Have a go at using different arty materials to make spiders and their webs. We cannot wait to see your creations!

Remember; look out for our RWI ‘sound of the day’ challenge on uploaded daily on dojo!