Foundation home learning activities - Anything you do, please upload up to EExAT or Dojo. Your teachers are loving seeing what you are up to!

This week’s activities are based on the story ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. Look out on dojo for your teachers reading the first part of the story! (Another part to follow next week!)

Order The Worms Length

Make your very own wiggly worms.


 Painting with Spaghetti

Cook some spaghetti until it is soft. Coat the spaghetti with paint and have fun making patterns that look like worms!

Making Worms with Pasta Tubes

This activity is great for developing fine motor control. Cut a long piece of string and let your child make long worms by threading the pasta tubes onto the string. To extend their learning, encourage your child to paint the tubes and make a repeating pattern.

Writing Activity

Superworm is a hero! He is always looking for danger and helping others in times of need.

When baby toad stepped into the road, Superworm was there to save him – A Superworm Lasso!

Beetle fell into the well, is she drowning who can tell? Not to worry, all is fine...its Superworm the fishing line!

Can you draw a picture of Superworm saving another animal or creature?

Understanding of the World -

Worm Life Cycle

Last week you learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. This week have a go at making a zig-zag book to show the life cycle of a worm. Like the butterfly, there are 4 stages to their lifecycle. Did you know one of the stages is also called a cocoon?

To make a zigzag book, simply fold a strip of paper into 4 sections like a zigzag.

 Similar to this...

On each section of the zigzag book, draw a picture of the 4 stages in order.

Underneath each picture, label what happens by writing a sentence.

Comparing Length 1

Create 5 different length worms using string, wool or even strips of paper.

Which ‘worm’ is the shortest?

Which ‘worm’ is the longest?

Can you order them from ‘shortest’ to ‘longest’?

You can also find an attachment with this activity

Comparing Length 2

Help your child to draw a Superworm outline on a large piece of paper/card.

Supervise your child as they cut out and decorate their worm. Draw eyes to bring the worm to life!

Challenge: - Take your Superworm on a Treasure Hunt. Find objects that are ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’ than your Superworm.

What was the longest item you found?

What was the shortest item you found?

Superworm Sundaes

Can you make your very own wiggly worm sundae?

  1. First add a scoop of chocolate ice-cream.
  2. Next add some jelly worms/snakes.
  3. Then crush up a chocolate biscuit (like an Oreo) and sprinkle it on top.

Finally enjoy!!!