Foundation Stage 2 



Learning through play is a key element of your child’s development, our aim is to ensure that all children become happy, successful and independent learners. These activities will help ensure your children can continue to make the excellent progress they have been making in school at home. Children should aim to complete at least four sessions of work per day; ideally, each session should be from a different subject area.  

Please upload/send pictures of your child’s learning through our EExAT or Dojo systems so we can continue to support your learning.   

Focus on: 

  • reading and talking about books to develop their early reading skills 
  • count objects, pictures and practise simple word problems using items from around the house 
  • write letters, words and numbers, encouraging your child to hold writing equipment correctly 
  • use scissors and other handheld tools to develop fine motor skills 
  • be active – let your child explore the outdoors 


Recommended sites and activities links 

Oxford Owl – Free eBook access 


Top marks – this website has many fun games where the children can practise all their mathematical skills learnt in class. Some good games the children have accessed already are- push the button, shape patterns and caterpillar ordering and many more. 


ICT games- this website has a range of English and Maths games where the children can practise their skills learnt in school. 


Classroom Secrets (Kids) Free access to online learning platform. Secrets – Free downloadable learning packs for each year group. It will download a folder containing a learning pack, guidance and answers and practical ideas. 


Phonics play – this website has games where your child can practise their phonic sounds, blending and reading sentences. 


Apps suitable for 2 to 5 year olds 


We know that phones or tablets are part of many families’ everyday lives and kids love to use them, but it’s not always easy to know which apps and games can benefit your child’s learning. Why not try these with your child alongside the other activities listed. 


 CBeebies Storytime 

  • CBeebies Storytime is filled with free interactive story books and bedtime stories for young children and is a great way to enjoy reading with your little one. The library is always growing, with amazing stories featuring all the CBeebies’ favourites. 
  • Age: 0-5 
  • Platform: Apple, Android, Amazon 


 CBeebies Playtime Island 

  • CBeebies Playtime Island contains a wide range of fun and educational games to help children understand the world around them and support the development of core skills. Children can play along with all of CBeebies’ most popular characters. 
  • Age: 0-5 
  • Platform: Apple, Android, Amazon 


 Teach Your Monster to Read 

  • Teach Your Monster to Read is a phonics and reading game that’s helped children learn to read. The app covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying small books. 
  • Age: reception – school-aged children 
  • Platform: Apple, Android, Amazon 



  • The Navigo app aims to support beginner readers to develop reading skills (accuracy, fluency and comprehension) through engaging with the personalised content and activities. 
  • Age:  reception – school-aged children 
  • Platform: Android 


  • Phonics Hero 
  • Phonics Hero teaches children to read and spell with systematic synthetic phonics. The app includes over 850 fun and varied games. Using a step-by-step approach, children learn the 44 sounds, the reading and spelling of words, and how to conquer sentences. 
  • Age: school-aged children 
  • Platform: Apple, Android