Foundation home learning activities

Anything you do, please upload up to EExAT or Dojo. Your teachers are loving seeing what you are up to!


Week 4 Learning Project - EYFS

Play with Numbers

Using playing cards of any king, can you find matching numbers? Can you put them in order from 1-10? Get your parents or your siblings to hide one of the cards – what number is missing?

Can you challenge yourself to make teen numbers using 2 cards?

Toilet Roll Tube Challenge


Can you make an animal, robot or even your friends out of a toilet roll tube?

Red word Rainbow writing


Using this list of red words – can you write them using lots of different colours? Can you write them with your eyes closed?

I, the, you, your, said, was, of, is, to, for.



Share a book with a family member

What is the most unusual place you have read a book?

Listen to Bedtime stories on CBBC -

Sandwich Making


Help your grown up make lunch one day – choose a sandwich filling of your choice. Help spread the butter. Then this is the fun bit.....cut them into funky shape using biscuit cutters!

Talk about the different shapes you made and how many little sandwiches you made.

Bird Spotting


Go into your garden or watch out your window.

How many different types of birds can you see? Make a list and keep a record. Which is the most common?

This website might be useful-

Could you make a bird feeder using a pipe cleaner or string and multigrain hoop cereal?