Foundation home learning activities

Anything you do, please upload up to EExAT or Dojo. Your teachers are loving seeing what you are up to


Week 5 Learning Project - EYFS

Partitioning 2digit numbers

Can you partition these numbers into tens and ones using the example for guidance? Remember the zero is always hiding behind the one digit



Can you make up your own?



Homemade Rain Gauge

Ever wonder how much rain has fallen? Make this gauge out of a 2 litre bottle to find out how much water each shower brings

Remember to put your wellies on to splash in all of the puddles if you go for a walk!

Red word writing race


Using this list of red words – can you see how many you can write in 1 minute?


I, the, said, for, and, has, he, she, we


Can you use plastic bottles or cups to practise filling them up using the correct vocabulary?


half full/half empty


nearly full

nearly empty

Don’t worry if you haven’t got funnels, you can still have lots of fun! Add food colouring if you want to

Read Write Inc. Sound of the Week. ‘ay’

 ay – may I play?

Can you write these words?

The Garden

Can you draw a picture or paint a picture of your

Garden or the garden of someone you know. It

might even be a park or a garden you have visited