Exeter Nursery EASTER challenges

*Hide the Easter bunny/chick – choose a favourite toy (small teddy or figurine works best) and hide it. Then ask someone in your family to find it. Give them clues by saying if they are ‘hot’ when they get close or ‘cold’ if they are far away from the object.

Chocolate Easter nest cakes! Cooking with children offers lots of opportunities for reading recipes and ingredients, weighing and measuring, mixing and following instructions as well as observing how the ingredients change when mixed.


Easter Chicks

Use a paper tube, paper plate or cardboard chick cut out and decorate with lots of glue, yellow feathers or tissue paper and googly eyes.


If you have some potatoes spare you could get an adult to cut some shapes in to them...then get some paint and paper and start making your Easter egg stamp pictures...pop them online for us to see

Potato Paint

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide Easter eggs, chocolate or sweets inside or in the garden make sure you number each treat first

Count to 10 before you start the hunt. Number each hidden treat. Get the children to recall the number they find. Once all treats are found order the numbers in a line from lowest to highest

Cardboard Puppet

Once completed please send photo via EExAT to your keyworker- we would love to see them!