Exeter Nursery home learning challenges

Window Paint


This might not be for everyone but it is such a fun and great way to get little bodies moving and ready to write

Mix equal parts: dish soap and washable paint and then add flour to thicken if needed

Ladybird Sports


Here is a link to a game on TopMarks

Practice counting, matching and ordering

And when you are finished why not find some real ladybirds and count their spots!

Nursery Rhyme of the Week

I Hear Thunder


This is quite fitting for the recent weather.

Cosmic Yoga


Try out this fun Yoga session designed especially for children. It helps them strengthen their bodies ready for when they will write. It promotes a healthy attitude to exercise and good well-being.

They cleverly use stories to make it fun and engaging. Give it a go!


Dice Game


This is fun, physical and encourages counting

You can use the example below and just grab a dice and get rolling

or you can make up your own moves for each number

Jack and the Beanstalk



Have you been growing anything at home?

Once completed please send photo via EExAT to your keyworker- we would love to see them!