Paint or drawer a rainbow to put into your window at home. Take a walk around the estate? How many rainbows can you see?  



Make a shoe box small world to let your child play imaginatively!

Letter hunt!! 

Can you go on a letter hunt around your house? Which letters can you see? Are any in your name? 


Try this amazing CBeebies reading app it has lots of different books and some nursery rhymes for your child to interact with and for you to join them in the activities and have lots of fun!! The best thing is once it is downloaded you can use it anywhere without the need for internet yay!! Please let us know what stories you enjoyed the most and maybe draw a picture 😊

Play ‘Name the Thing’

Point to various objects in your house and ask your toddler to name them. You can help him with the names until he begins to say them on his own. This is an easy way to build and improve his vocabulary. This game can be played anywhere – your house, in the park, or even in the supermarket.