Exeter Nursery Week 3 home learning challenges

Rock painting

Add glue into paints to help the paint stick to the stones. You can make a tick tak toe game, number and letter stones or let creative imagination take over.


Shortbread biscuit recipe

Ingredients and equipment

150g plain flour

100g butter

50g sugar

Mixing bowl, baking tray, butter to grease tray or a sheet of grease proof paper, cookie cutters

1.        Mix ingredients together in a bowl using hands until a dough is made.

1.        Knead the dough mixture on a floured surface, then roll out with a rolling pin, about ½ cm thickness.

2.        Cut out shapes with whatever cookie cutters you like.

3.        Place biscuits on to a greased baking tray (or use a sheet of grease proof paper), allow space between each biscuit.

Bake for 15-20minutes or until a light golden brown colour

Shape Sorting

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a tray, but if you do then great! Why don’t you take a walk around your house, see what different shaped objects you can see and collect? Parents can help by drawing different shapes and helping your children to match the shapes they have found in the house


Chop the top off a bottle (with your grown up’s help) thread through some string and toy. Now try and throw and catch! Great for building fine motor skills and co-ordination.


Have a go at another phonics game


This is a great website that has lots of interactive books that you can cuddle up with you little one and watch together. The brilliant ‘Some Dogs Do’ is on there I know some of the children love this one! I hope you will be able to access this site and enjoy listening and interacting with the books together.


Go on a bug hunt! How many different bugs can you find – send us photos on EExAT. Can you google what they are called and where they are from?!


Once completed please send photo via EExAT to your keyworker- we would love to see them!