Exeter Nursery Week 5 home learning challenges

Create an ‘obstacle course’ in the garden – can you count how many seconds it takes to do one lap?



Maths at home ideas:



Take a Number walk..


When on your daily exercise walk:

Count the number of steps you are taking.

Have a look at the door numbers.

Which numbers do you recognise?

How many blue cars can you spot?



Number sticks

If you have any spare egg boxes or lolly pop sticks, then why not create a game like this? Simply, number each part of the egg box, paint some coloured dots onto each stick, 1-5 or if you want a challenge 1-10, then support your children to match the correct number of dots to each number

VE Day!



This website has lots of lovely free resources you can do make and colour to learn about VE day. Why not have a picnic in your garden to celebrate!?

Give your toddler toys or puppets and encourage him to have conversations with them. Kids are creative and imaginative – once you show them the way, they will take over. You can also use puppets to have simple conversations with your child. Put on a puppet show to make playtime more enjoyable. 

Once completed please send photo via EExAT to your keyworker- we would love to see them!