Exeter Nursery Week 7 home learning challenges

Can you build a den?

What materials can you use to build a den in your garden?

Here are few resources you can use:



Shower curtain




We would love to see your pictures of your den uploaded on to EEXAT.

You could also create these ideas inside too. Let's see how inventive you are

Dojo emails

Is your child missing their friends? Would they like to send them a special message?

Dojo your message to us and we will pass the message on to your friends for you (remember to write the name of your friend so it gets passed onto the correct person!)

Children love to learn about themselves. A lovely ‘history lesson’ is to look through photo albums with your child. Show them pictures of when they were a baby and discuss what they can see in the photo. Talk about what they looked like, the things they could do and couldn’t do. Ask them if there are things they can do now that they couldn’t do when they were a baby

Reuse your old toilet rolls (providing they are clean!) Get creative, butterflies, spiders…!


5 Finger Rule – Great for Vocabulary bulding.

Swap your questions with comments: if you know the answer, don’t ask the questions! It is better for children to hear the words they could use, rather than being tested- use 5 finger rule to remember to count the comments on your hand: For every 1 Question asked, add 4 Comments. 

For example:

1 Question – “What colour is the car?”

1st Comment – car brrrmmm

2nd Comment – it’s a fast car brrrmmm

3rd Comment – The car is dirty

4th Comment – Let’s wash the car – Repetitive and simple

Once completed please send photo via EExAT to your keyworker- we would love to see them!