Exeter Nursery Week 8 home learning challenges

Hop scotch

Draw a hop scotch grid with 10 squares, either write numbers 1 -10 or in any random order to challenge number recognition.  Children can hop up and down the grid. Other activities include: Challenge children to hop on one foot and then alternate; jump using to feet together; They can also jump up 2 numbers- start in a numbers e.g 1, then ask them to jump to 3 etc to challenge motor movement.

It does not have to be numbers you could also draw shapes, letters, or even a storyboard. What will you come up with?

Homemade Ice lollies

With the hot weather we’ve been having there is no better way than to cool down with some delicious homemade ice lollies.

If you don’t have any ice lolly moulds then do not worry - yoghurt pots are just as good!

Fill them up with whatever you fancy – orange juice, water with sliced fruit or even just freeze the yoghurt mixture.

Pop a lolly stick into the middle, then into the freezer until solid.

And there you have your own healthy and delicious lollies. Children will love taking part in making them.

Talc Pictures


Simple but fun!


All you need is coloured paper (black is best) and some talc. Can you make a talc picture of your hand? What about your favourite toy?

Nursery Rhyme of the Week

1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive


If you aren’t sure of the words then follow the link below.


Rumble in the Jungle




Rumble in the Jungle is a fantastic rhyming story. Enjoying and hearing rhyme is a vital skill for children to have to support their developing reading skills

If you don’t have the book at home then follow this link to Book Trust and read along.



Can you make an egg parachute that can safely transport an egg without it smashing?

When we tried it, we successfully landed the egg without a crack.

We used an empty yoghurt pot, some string and a plastic bag!

We would love to see some videos if you give it a go

We would love to see some videos if you give it a go

Once completed please send photo via EExAT to your keyworker- we would love to see them!