Exeter Nursery Week 6 home learning challenges

Can you make some pictures/collages using natural objects? Leaves/Flowers/ Sticks etc.

Road Shapes

Road Shapes - 

This can be done using paper or tape. Simply create different shapes using the paper or tape, add lines to make it look like a road. Your children can push their cars along the different shaped roads and begin to talk to you about the different shapes they can see. You can also make different sizes of shapes, talk about ‘small’ or ‘big’, ask your children to tell you which one they think is bigger

Can you practice writing letters of your name?

You could do this in:

-          Sand

-          Porridge

-          Paint

-          Chalk

-          Felt tip pens

Dojo Emails

Is your child missing their friends? Would they like to send them a special message?

Dojo your message to us and we will pass the message on to your friends for you (remember to write the name of your friend so it gets passed onto the correct person!)

Reading Den

Create your own cosy reading area (with help from an adult perhaps) fill it with comfy cushions/pillows, a soft blanket and a sparkly light so you can see if it starts to get dark outside....remember to fill it with some of your favorite books...and get someone to take a picture of you having an amazing time snuggled up with a book.

Once completed please send photo via EExAT to your keyworker- we would love to see them!