Your child can be supported at home in ways that encourage a love of learning. Reading at home with your child and spelling out words, decoding them together, is a beneficial way of supporting your child's learning. Try to pick stories that centre on their interests to keep it fun.

Check the front and back of the reading book from school as there are often suggested activities for your child to do. Please also use the bookmarks that you will have received for your child.

  • practise reading words from the 2019 phonics screening check.
  • practise handwriting at home, keeping letters neatly sitting on the line.
  • write list of the things they have done
  • count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s
  • continue practising writing numbers in words and numerals up to 50
  • working on number bonds to 20
  • count objects, pictures and then record in equations for addition and subtraction with problems to solve for example 7 = ____  – 9.

Recommended sites and activities links

TTS have created a curriculum-focused independent learning resource with over 40 home learning activities all planned and all prepared. With a combination of independent and collaborative learning activities, the home learning books provide a great opportunity for parents to learn with their children.


Teach my monster how to read: This currently a free app and accessible via a laptop where your child can practise their reading skills and play games to access new levels. This will help your child practise their phonics too.


Classroom Secrets (Kids) Free access to online learning platform.


Classroom Secrets - Free downloadable learning packs for each year group. It will download a folder containing a learning pack, guidance and answers and practical ideas.


Oxford Owl - Free eBook access


Phonics play – this website has games where your child can practise their phonic sounds, blending and reading sentences.


Top marks – this website has many fun games where the children can practise all their mathematical skills learnt in class. Some good games the children have accessed already are- push the button, shape patterns and caterpillar ordering and many more.


ICT games- this website has a range of English and Maths games where the children can practise their skills learnt in school.