Happy Easter!

As it is now the Easter holidays, we will not be setting formal classwork for the next two weeks. However, we have thought about fun activities that you could do while you are at home for the holidays. There are lots of ways that you can have fun, even if you are at home the entire time! Feel free to send pictures on ClassDojo to your teacher - we would love to see the great things you get up to!


We will still check Class Dojo’s and our emails every day, in-case you need to get in touch with us, and we will continue to call you at home. We would love to see photos of the activities you complete and we will be awarding lots of effort marks!


Remember to stay home and stay safe!



Below, you will find a link to lots of science experiments you can do at home. Not only will these get your science brains thinking, they are super fun!


Get Crafty!

If you would prefer something craftier, there are so many different craft projects you could complete. See the links below for some super crafty ideas!

There are also some really great origami ideas, which you might like to try. If you make anything, please do send us a picture.




Maybe you would like to use this time to reflect. To think of all the things that make you, you. You might want to keep a holiday diary or create a piece of art that you think represents you. Click on the link below to get your mind reflecting!


Mindfulness for kids!

This is a great way to relax. ‘Cosmic Kids Zen Den’ is a selection of short videos that encourage a happy and healthy mind!


Helping Out

While we are all at home, it is important that we are helping out! We will be awarding lots of effort marks to children who complete jobs at home. Just ask your adult to send a message on Class Dojo. Ask your adults what would be most helpful for you to do. We have put some ideas below but your adults at home will know best.

  • Tidy your bedroom
  • Put away everything of yours that isn’t where it should be
  • Wash up
  • Help an adult with cooking
  • Play a game with a younger sibling
  • Sort the washing (including pairing all the odd socks!)
  • Wipe the kitchen surfaces
  • Brush and hoover the floors


Virtual Tours

Although you might not be able to leave your house, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun days out. Here is a list of virtual tours you can take from the comfort of your own home. When you have done one, you could write a guide for future visitors!



Screen Free Activities

We all love technology but is important to have some ‘screen-free’ time. There are some ideas in the link below and also lots of different screen-free ideas in the document ‘25 Screen Free Activities’. How many can you complete at home?


If you have any building bricks at home, you might like to try the 30-day Lego challenge?

Now would also be a brilliant time to start a diary or journal – it could be a primary source for historians in years to come!



Just as a reminder, just because it is the holidays, doesn’t mean you can’t log onto TT Rock stars and earn lots of coins for your fantastic times tables knowledge!


Activities & Challenges


25 Screen Free Activities

30 Day Creativity Challenge

Design and make your own board game

Lego Challenge

Pictures of Hope for Nightingale


Happy Holidays!