Children should aim to complete at least four sessions of work per day; ideally, each session should be from a different subject area. Please send pictures or screenshots of any complete work to your teacher via Dojo so we can continue to support your learning.



The children need to be secure in their knowledge of all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division); they should be able to answer arithmetic style questions both rapidly and accurately and then apply this knowledge to solve reasoning problems. In school, we normally do maths from 11:10 – 12:15, then arithmetic from 12:15-12:45


Session 1: Write decimals


Watch this video:



Session 2:   Compare decimals


Watch this video:



Session 3: Order decimals


Watch this video:



Session 4: Round decimals


Watch this video:



Session 5:  Challenge day!



Children need to be able to solve these calculations accurately and quickly. In class I would set a 6 minute timer for the children to complete this in their book, we would then go through them together.


Session 1:

2/5 of 45    6/7 of 350   7/8 of £160    3/10 of 540   456 x 1   789÷1     6547 x 0


Session 2:

435÷100   67.8 ÷10   5438÷10    70÷100    54÷10    905.1÷10    6708÷100

567÷8   235÷3   975÷6


Session 3:

Find the difference between these numbers:

  1. 4000 and 472
  2. 245 and 79
  3. 3098 and 713
  4. 115 and 35.7
  5. 3 and 486


Session 4: 



Session 5:

Round these numbers to the nearest 10:

112   221  223  4443  5554  6665   778   998

Round these numbers to the nearest 100:

332  9887  6554  4332  7665  9001  8776  9887  3221



In order to be successful Year Four readers, children must be able to read texts accurately and fluently, making sense of what they have read and using all of this to answer comprehension questions. The main way this can be achieved at home is through regular reading. Try and choose books that interest your child and encourage them to think about the meaning of what they have read. We have also put together a comprehension for each day which is linked below. Allow your children approximately 5 minutes to read the text and the 15 minutes to answer the questions. When they have finished, discuss their answers with them. In school, we do reading from 10:20-10:50

Session 1 :  Bumble Bee

Session 2:  Music Box

Session 3: Swimming the English Channel

Session 4:  An encounter at sea

Session 5: Space tourism



Creative writing

This link will show you the steps to planning, writing and editing a great, creative story! J



Please complete a handwriting activity every day for 20 minutes. In school we would do handwriting after lunch from 1:40-2:00.

Please check that the letters are all sat on the line and are all the correct size. If your child joins their handwriting, please make sure that the joins are correct and the word can easily be read. Please don’t let them move on to the next word until they can do the one they are on.

Choose 10 words from either of these sheets every day and write them out 10 times each.

You may want to choose words that you find hard to spell and use this as a spelling activity.

First 100 high frequency words

Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list



Contours, Keys and symbols

States of Matter

RE: The story of Rama and Sita

Pulse and rhythm