Well, it seems a little unreal that we have reached yet another half term without seeing many of our friends. We must say though, all the teachers are so proud of you all for your positive and resilient attitude and have really enjoyed the work you have been sending. Here are a few activities for you to try to keep your brain ticking over during half-term. 


Screen Free Activities 

We all love technology but is important to have some ‘screen-free’ time. There are some ideas here. 

If you are feeling Scientific, try some of these  fab experiments. 

Helping Out 

We have seen some great pictures of people helping out at home with: gardening, cooking, house work, walking and feeding family pets, we will continue awarding effort marks to children who complete jobs at home. Just ask your adult to send a message on the Dojo. Ask your adults what would be most helpful for you to do. We have put some ideas below but your adults at home will know best. 

  • Tidy your bedroom 
  • Put away everything of yours that isn’t where it should be 
  • Wash up 
  • Help an adult with cooking 
  • Play a game with a younger sibling 
  • Sort the washing (including pairing all the odd socks!) 
  • Wipe the kitchen surfaces 
  • Brush and hoover the floors 


What about making your own animation? 

Once you’ve tried some of the great outdoor activities, or if the weather turns a little grey, why not try this   programme to design your own animation. You could use it like a diary and document what you have been up to or just create a crazy story from your imagination. You can even make your own computer game. If you need help there is a tutorial section. 



Now is a fantastic time to get creative. You might like to plant things in the garden, design things on the computer or use things that you can find around your house – it is totally up to you! 

There are also some really great paper crafts , which you might like to try. If you make anything, please do send us a picture. 

If you love art, then you could try some of  these , or you might like to try making your own self-portrait  , you might be surprised at what you can find at home to use. 



Keeping Active 

We can now all take as much exercise as we like outside so while the weather is good, enjoy it. Remember to stay safe and keep up with current social distancing guidelines – so no nipping round to your mate’s house just yet! If the weather turns a little cooler there are still loads of things to keep you active indoors. Some of our favourites are: Yoga for the Classroom; Yoga for Kids ; Yoga for Teens and Yoga for Stress Relief If you fancy something a little more active, Joe Wicks has loads of great workouts on his YouTube channel.   



Even over half term, there is always time for some learning. Keep going on TT Rockstars – remember there is an opportunity to earn an official world record. There are also lots of ideas for games you can play on the school website.