Hello Year 5!


We hope that you are all well and that you are still enjoying the work that we are setting you.


Remember to ask your parents / carers to show you the Class Story on Class Dojo so that you can see pictures of what your classmates have been doing while in lockdown.  You will also find the weekly videos added by your teachers that may help you with the tasks that you have been set.


In addition, remember to log in to TT Rock Stars ( https://ttrockstars.com/  )and Purple Mash (www.purplemash.com/exeter-nn18 ) as your teachers may be setting additional work for you on these platforms.   If you do not have your login for these, please email your class teacher or send a message via Class Dojo.




Miss Vorster and Mr Rankin’s Maths


White Rose seem to have given us a bit of everything this week.  We will be: finding the area of rectangles; converting improper fractions to mixed numbers; finding equivalent fractions and comparing and ordering fractions.


Since White Rose are now charging us for the activities, you will only find the worksheets (and answers) on our school website in the Year Five area.  However, you will still be able to watch the short video clips on their website –  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ .


Miss Vorster and Mr Rankin’s Maths – Day 1

Miss Vorster and Mr Rankin’s Maths – Day 2

Miss Vorster and Mr Rankin’s Maths – Day 3

Miss Vorster and Mr Rankin’s Maths – Day 4


Miss V and Mr R’s Maths – ANSWERS Day 1

Miss V and Mr R’s Maths – ANSWERS Day 2

Miss V and Mr R’s Maths – ANSWERS Day 3

Miss V and Mr R’s Maths – ANSWERS Day 4




As for previous weeks, you will find two Arithmetic tests on the school website.  In total, there are sixty questions.  Your child may choose to do a whole test all in one go, or may prefer to answer a set number of questions daily.  It is entirely up to you!


Miss Vorster and Mr Rankin’s Arithmetic – Days 1 & 2

Miss Vorster and Mr Rankin’s Arithmetic – Days 3 & 4


Miss Golding’s Maths


WALT: Use our multiplication and division skills to problem solve (lesson 1).

WALT: Find the area of rectilinear shape. (lessons 2,3 and 4).


Miss.Golding Lesson 1 Correspondence problems

Miss.Golding Lesson 2 Perimeter of a rectangle

Miss.Golding Lesson 3 Perimeter of rectilinear shapes

Miss. Golding Lesson 4 Counting squares


Miss. Golding Lesson 1 Answers

Miss. Golding Lesson 2 Answers

Miss. Golding Lesson 4 Answers

Miss.Golding Lesson 3 Answers




As in previous weeks, there are two arithmetic tests to complete this week. This may be done in one go or in stages throughout the week.


Miss. Golding Y4-Arithmetic-Full-Test-5

Miss. Golding Y4-Arithmetic-Full-Test-6



This week I would like you to write a diary entry about going on a journey to the moon.  You can condense the journey into 5 days – although the Apollo 11 mission lasted just over 8 days.

Make sure to use the sentence types given.  Don’t forget to check out the video tutorials on Class Dojo for an explanation of some of the different sentence types.

As always; enjoy writing and be as descriptive as possible.  We look forward to reading your diaries.


Astronaut diary Day 1,2 and 3

Astronaut diary Day 4 and 5




In Science this week, we are learning why we have night and day on Eartg.  Please ask your children to watch the following videos, before completing the worksheet.






Your child can then play https://www.turacogames.com/games/day-and-night-science-game-for-kids/ to assess their understanding.


Science Worksheet 1


Topic: Stargazers


WALT:  To look at the human and physical features of an area in Europe and South American

Activity 1:  Watch the following video on South America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH2Zf4LiiAk

Fill in/make a table writing down the human and physical features you learn from watching the video. (For help with human and physical features see the power point.) Then write down the human and physical features of Corby.


Activity 1 Topic Human and physical features


Activity 2: Using the table you made in activity 1, write a letter to an alien, explaining the differences to Corby and South America.


Activity 1 Topic Geography



This week we are focusing on the skill of inference. There are three sessions and, in each, you have an image to explore. There are some inference style questions for you to answer after each image.


Reading Comprehension- inference