Hello Year 5!


We hope that you are all well and are taking care of yourselves – both physically and mentally.


Remember to ask your parents / carers to show you the Class Story on Class Dojo so that you can see pictures of what your classmates have been doing while in lockdown.  You will also find the weekly videos added by your teachers that may help you with the tasks that you have been set.


In addition, remember to log in to TT Rock Stars ( https://ttrockstars.com/  )and Purple Mash (www.purplemash.com/exeter-nn18 ) as your teachers may be setting additional work for you on these platforms.   If you do not have your login for these, please email your class teacher or send a message via Class Dojo.




Miss Vorster and Mr Rankin’s Maths


This week, we will be continuing our work on fractions.  You will be adding and subtracting both fractions and mixed numbers. Remember that these fractions may not have the same denominator, so you will need to find equivalent fractions with the same denominator – we have done this in class!


You will find the worksheets and answers on our school website in the Year Five area and the accompanying videos are available on the White Rose Maths website –  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ .


Miss Vorster & Mr Rankin’s Maths – Day 1

Miss Vorster & Mr Rankin’s Maths – Day 2

Miss Vorster & Mr Rankin’s Maths – Day 3

Miss Vorster & Mr Rankin’s Maths – Day 4


Miss V & Mr R’s Maths – ANSWERS Day 1

Miss V & Mr R’s Maths – ANSWERS Day 2

Miss V & Mr R’s Maths – ANSWERS Day 3

Miss V & Mr R’s Maths – ANSWERS Day 4




As for previous weeks, you will find two Arithmetic tests on the school website.  These are a different format to the ones from previous weeks and each paper has 28 questions.  Your child may choose to do a whole test all in one go, or may prefer to answer a set number of questions daily.  It is entirely up to you!


Miss Vorster & Mr Rankin’s Arithmetic – Days 1 & 2

Miss Vorster & Mr Rankin’s Arithmetic – Days 3 & 4


Miss Golding’s Maths


This week we are focusing on fractions.


WALT: Recognise tenths and hundredths.

WALT: Find equivalent fractions.

WALT: Find fractions greater than one.


Miss. Golding Lesson 1 – Recognise tenths and hundredths

Miss. Golding Lesson 2 – Equivalent fractions

Miss.Golding Lesson 3 – Equivalent fractions (2)

Miss. Golding Lesson 4 – Fractions greater than 1


Miss. Golding Lesson 1 Answers – Recognise tenths and hundredths

Miss. Golding Lesson 2 Answers – Equivalent fractions (1)

Miss.Golding Lesson 3 Answers – Equivalent fractions (2)

Miss.Golding Lesson 4 Answers – Fractions greater than 1




This week’s arithmetic is slightly different to previous weeks.  There are 5 short sessions of arithmetic style questions. You could complete a session each day or complete them all at once. How you manage this is up to you. Good luck!

Miss. Golding Arithmetic



We would love to see an independent write from you this week.  Simply use the UFO picture as a starting point and then let your imaginations do the rest.  Please use as many of the sentence types as you can and add any other sentence types you wish to as well.  Enjoy writing.  We look forward to seeing them.


Independent write



In Science this week, we are learning about day length.

On this BBC Bitesize web page https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z8c9q6f/articles/zmhw7p3  it clearly explains how and why the length of the days varies according to the seasons.

There are also useful videos for your child to watch:



We would then like your child to complete the following online worksheet –  https://www.edplace.com/worksheet_info/science/keystage2/year5/topic/722/2241/solar-system

(Although this is a paid for website, it allows your child to try this activity for free)



Geography: The environment


WALT:  Explain the effect of commercial and Industrial activity on the environment and suggest ways to improve it

Look at the power point ‘Plastics and the environment’. Within the power point there are 3 activities to complete.

Plastics and the Environment PowerPoint


Activity 1: Use the Plastics and the Environment Research Sheet to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of using plastics.

Activity 1 –  Plastics and the Environment Research Sheet


Activity 2: Use the letter template Letter to your MP to write a formal letter to your MP about the use of plastics and the effect that they have on the environment.

Activity 2 – Letter to Your MP Activity Sheet


Activity 3: Use the Plastic Pollution sheet to design a poster to explain the problems that plastics are causing to the environment.

Activity 3 –  Plastic Pollution Poster


Do not worry if you cannot print these off. Try to use the ideas from them to help you produce it in writing. There is also lots of information on plastics and the environment at the following links:





This week we are going to listen to a story told by a real-life astronaut from The National Space Centre. You will then need to write a book review on the book you heard. There is a template to help you, although this is just a guide. You can use any format you like.



Reading Book Review Worksheet