Exeter - a learning community has an Academy Improvement Board (AIB) in place which is a short term governance arrangement focusing specifically on driving rapid and sustainable school improvement.  The AIB was formed from September 2018 and replaces the Local Governing Body that was operating to that point. Operating with an AIB is not intended to be a long term arrangement and a target date has been identified for the review of the arrangement when the progress made by the Academy will be evaluated. Any initial review period will not be greater than 12 months.

The Local Governing Body:

  • meets 6 times per year as a full board, with no additional committees
  • is part of a larger governance structure for Inspiring Futures through Learning Multi Academy Trust, which includes IFtL Members and Board of Trustees.  The full structure and responsibilities of these roles, including details of who serves within them, is available at
  • carries out its delegated functions and responsibilities which are focused upon:
  • the wellbeing and safety of all children and adults within the schools’ communities
  • the standards of educational performance, for all children, within the schools
  • the position of the schools within their wider communities and how the schools contribute positively to this
  • to identify, and look to mitigate, risk in relation to the above
  • to carry out the duties delegated to the Local Governing Body by the IFtL Board of Trustees, outlines in the IFtL Scheme of Delegation (seen at

The chair of the AIB is Sarah Hand.

If you are interested in becoming a governor or would like to make contact with the Chair, please email our governance professional, Steph Boak by email:

Alternatively, please send a letter in a sealed envelope marked 'Chair of the Local Governing Body' via the school office.

The information below reflects the current constitution and membership of the AIB.

Exeter – A Learning Community is part of the Inspiring Futures through Learning Multi-Academy Trust.  The governance structure at Exeter is therefore part of a wider governance structure of IFtL itself.

The remit and responsibilities of the Governing Body of the school and the Members and Board of Trustees of IFtL are outlined in the Scheme of Delegation of Inspiring Futures through Learning, our Multi-Academy Trust.

More details can be found in the link below: