Our Staff

We would like to introduce you to our staff.

Executive Principals - Melanie Saunders

Co-Head of School - responsible for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, (SENCO) & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) -  Jennifer Doherty

Co-Head of School - responsible for Quality of Education (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead DDSL) - Hannah Crawford

Assistant Head - Lauren Dighton (Y4-6)

Assistant Head - Kelly McKee (Y1-3)

Assistant Head (DSO) - Sammy Newstead (EYFS)

Assistant Head (DSO) Trust Support - Joanne James



Safeguarding and Wellbeing Officer - Karen Lloyd (Safeguarding Officer)

Parent Liaison Coordinator  -  Danielle Moore (Safeguarding Officer)

Parent Support Officer - Tonia Shalgosky, Gina Pitirut

SENDCo - Samantha Golding

Nursery - Foundation Stage 1 Sammy Newstead (EYFS Lead and DSO) and Ellen McCaw (Early Years teacher)

Reception - Foundation Stage 2 Tracy Poulter and Eve Coleman

Year 1 Kelly McKee (Y1-3 Lead) Ashleigh Nelson and Joel Derham

Year 2 Becky Letts and Bethany Essam

Year 3 Emily Richardson, Anna Hull and Alex Efford

Year 4 Lucy Gotch and Nicki Broughton

Year 5 Lauren Dighton, Tamla Mathew and Taylor Promubol

Year 6 Mags Norris, Helen Vorster and Sammie Hamilton

SEN Provision Ellie Light


Support Staff

Nurture Staff Lisa Wilson and Stacey Inglis

Cover Supervisor Julie Maglone and David McKay

Early Years Practitioners Rajna Manojlovic (Senior EYP) Julia Clarke, Maria Figueiredo, Sarah Politano, Rochelle Golding, Rachel Logue, Hannah Kemley, Hayley Emerton, Barbara Budyk, Corina Zaharia, Bethany Sinclair and Jo Peters

Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Tracey Linden and Chelise Watson

Teaching Assistants Jeanne Beer, Donna Chambers, Donna Harman, Pauline McGettens, Trisha Stimson, Angela Maddox, Sian Glover, Angela McIntyre, Sharon Murray, Jordan White, Gina Pitirut, Janet Mayhew and Victoria Hinde.

Site Supervisor Nicky Boyle

Senior Lunchtime Supervisors Marianne Walker, Sharon Murray and Sandra Hendry (First Aid)

Senior Premises Staff Pauline McGettens

Premises Staff Gail Kemley, Marianne Walker, Moira McCourt, Derek McPhee and Kerry Adair

Breakfast Club Staff Sandra Auld and Trisha Stimson

Tea Time Club Sandra Auld and Donna Chambers

ICT Manager Aaron Wheeler

Office Staff

PA to the Executive Team Kim Burley

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant Amanda McGhee

Bursar Erin Duffy (maternity)

HR Administrator - Rostislava Moales

Finance Assistant Karen Mathew

Safeguarding Administrator Lucy McNally



Financial Information

Below is the information for our School’s employees who have a gross annual salary if £100,000 or more in increments of £10,000

Annual Salary Number of staff
£100,000 - £110,000 0

Schools financial benchmarking service information for our school.