Volunteering opportunities at Exeter Children’s Centre

At Exeter Children’s Centre we offer New-start training to parents who want to volunteer in the Children’s Centre.  New-start is a 6 week course delivered by in-house and provides training that prepares volunteers for a placement in any of Woodnewton Academy Trusts Children’s Centres, Nurseries or Academies.

The course covers data protection, health and safety, confidentiality and safeguarding. It also builds confidence and communication skills.

All volunteers require a clear Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) and the Children’s Centre will endeavour to provide a suitable regular placement for those who complete the course and have DBS clearance.

The placements can provide opportunity to gain hands on experience working with families with children under eleven.  All volunteers receive one to one support from the Children’s Centre staff and are offered peer support sessions with other volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact us.