Parents considering sending their children to Exeter are most welcome to visit, to talk to the Head of Academy and to view some of the facilities we have to offer. Please telephone the office for an appointment (Tel: 01536 204765) or call Northamptonshire County Council on 0300 1261000.

For further information regarding in-year applications please contact Northamptonshire County.

Nursery Admissions

We have places for 68 children during the morning session and 68 in the afternoon. 16 places are available for 2 year old children.

Children may be registered at any point from birth. You will be issued with a receipt of your application and a letter will be sent to you prior to your child starting, to confirm that a place has been allocated.

For children due to start in September, January or April, a parent’s meeting will be held allowing you to meet the Foundation Stage staff.  You will be notified about ‘Transition Day’ when your child can visit school with you, during a morning or afternoon, according to the place offered.

A ‘Home visit’ will be offered to you before your child starts school, allowing you a chance to meet your key workers from Foundation Stage, in a familiar setting.  Your child starts on a part time basis but the number of sessions they attend will be gradually increased. More information is available in the Foundation Stage booklet and the Academy’s admission policy.

Please be aware that attending our nursery does not guarantee a place in the Academy’s Foundation Stage 2 class (Reception).  A Local Authority application form must be completed and returned to the Local Authority to request a place in our Academy.

Admissions for 3 & 4 year olds take place in September, January and April pending available places.

Applications for children under 3 years of age maybe registered at any time from birth, funded places will be available for those who meet the eligibility criteria. More information to the eligibilty and information on free childcare for 2,3 and 4 year olds.

Parents are able to purchase additional sessions where available.

Please contact the Academy office on 01536 204765 for any further information and to discuss Nursery admissions.

School Admissions Policies

Including over-subscription criteria

Admission Appeals


Please note: we are awaiting our 2021-2022 appeal dates. 

To manage our appeals process we use Peterborough Diocese Admissions Appeals Service.  The timetable for the appeals process is as follows:

TBC – Details of allocation of places issued by the Local Authority

TBC – Deadline for returning Notice of Appeal forms to the Diocesan Office

TBC (May extend to the following week) – Appeal Hearings - Bouverie Court, 6 The Lakes, Northampton, NN4 7YD, 01604 887006

Should you require any further information about any aspects of the appeals process, please do not hesitate to contact us.