Through quality first teaching in English we aim to broaden the children’s current use of language and vocabulary, to enable children will become fluent, articulate speakers with confidence to communicate their ideas and emotions to others.  Through their development of reading and listening skills, they will understand, empathise and evaluate the views of others.

We strive to encourage and nurture a love for reading and provide children with an increased experience, this is particularly focussed on through our ‘Hooked on Books’ approach which supports the teaching and learning and develop children emotionally, culturally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.  Reading enables pupils both to acquire knowledge and to build on what they already know. By exposing children to a range of high quality texts, we aim to increase and improve their vocabulary beyond that which they hear or use in everyday speech.

All the skills of language are essential to participating fully as a member of the community as well as preparing them for the future. Our pupils therefore, will learn to speak, read and write fluently and confidently; they will be prepared for a future in which they have all the tools to be successful.

Our English curriculum will promote:


Spoken Language

  • A rich and varied vocabulary that gives clarity and interest to conversations, storytelling, debate and discussions.
  • Clear speech with an excellent understanding of the grammatical structure of the English language.
  • The skill in initiating and joining in conversations, respecting others even when views differ.
  • An ability to listen attentively so as to understand what is being said.