Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. We have two classes in this year group. The Year 2 staff team are: Mrs Letts and Miss Coleman.

Our classes have all been named after local landmarks / places of interest. We are: Gretton class and Welland Class.

We are going to be studying and exploring 6 exciting Big Questions this academic year, These are:

Geography: Where is Corby in relation to the rest of the world?

D.T.: What makes a healthy salad? and How can we make the best toy castle? 

History: What was it like to live in the Medieval Era? 

Art: How can art represent the natural world?

History: Who was Mary Seacole? 

Geography: How has the physical and human geography of Hunstaton Beach changed over time?

Topics will be explored through all areas of the curriculum. We will be creating and making our own memories in school, testing materials, getting messy and creating new mixtures. They will be creating their own mini scented gardens, building, and creating their own towers. 

We will be touring our local environment and talking about how the community works together, visiting the local church, looking at the local history of Corby and finding out about events that have happened in the past and be given the opportunity to visit our local castle- Rockingham Castle. 

We have an exciting Year ahead and can’t wait to share learning experiences with the children and join them on their on their journey through Key Stage One. We are privileged to be able to watch them grow in confidence and flourish within themselves.

Useful Links

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