Our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) vision statement 

At Exeter, we are passionate about all children achieving the very best possible educational and personal outcomes. We believe in high ambitions for all our children including those with special educational needs. It is fundamental that we provide an adaptive approach based on what every child needs to ensure that all their individual needs are fully met and every child achieves their full potential. 

We always endeavour to provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment whereby our children feel able to build upon their strengths and have the confidence to overcome their areas of development. It is essential that all children have access to the rich, broad and balanced curriculum that we offer all our children at Exeter and that we adapt based on their individual needs to ensure this occurs. In exceptional circumstances we understand the need to provide a highly personalised and bespoke curriculum offer and actively collaborate and work in partnership with external professionals to make sure this is of the highest quality directly tailored to meet their needs. High ambitions and reaching potential is an expectation for every child. 

We believe in high aspirations and expectations of all pupils including those with SEND. We remain focused on the outcomes for all children with a view that they are unique and nurturing individual talents and outcomes. A key part of our role is to foster independence, self-esteem and confidence. We achieve this by setting appropriate learning outcomes and using a wide range of strategies, which are personalised to the individual. We know our children well and this is central to our provision and support put in place. 

All children at Exeter are on the same educational journey and are aiming for the same goals but we know all children will be at different points along their journey; however the end points remain the same. It is our duty to adapt and support appropriately for these to be achieved. 

At Exeter, we value and believe in the importance of close working with our parents/ carers and families. Communication, honesty and transparent relationships are key. We actively resolve barriers together to ensure in partnership, we achieve the very best we can for every child. External professional support and guidance are an additional important resource to ensure the best provision for our SEND children. To this end, we actively encourage and respond to the guidance they give us. 

Exeter is a fully inclusive and caring school with the children at the heart of everything we do. Our offer provides a wide range of strategies and additional provision including full accessibility across the whole school for all, where appropriate, to support children with the various areas of SEND: including cognition and learning, social and emotional needs, communication and interaction needs, learning difficulties and physical needs. We are committed to swiftly identify every child’s specific and bespoke needs and respond appropriately to enable them to make strong progress in all areas of their school life alongside their peers. 

Our SEND Principles 

  • Each child at Exeter is unique and we celebrate and nurture their talents and interests; the child and achieving their best is at the heart of every decision made 
  • We have high ambitions for every SEND child and recognise that although every child is at their own point on their educational journey, the endpoints remain the same 
  • We believe in providing adaptive teaching and strategies to ensure all our children, including those with SEND, access the full breadth of our rich and wide curriculum offer 
  • Relationships and knowing our children well are at the core of our SEND provision; we carefully consider and tailor support around their individual needs throughout all areas of their learning and school life 
  • We provide a nurturing, caring, safe and secure learning environment within which children are respected, listened to and valued 
  • We understand that all behaviour is a form of communication and will always strive to support children to celebrate their successes and help with any challenges they are communicating 
  • We prepare each child for the choices, opportunities, responsibilities and experiences for the next stage of their education and help them on their journey to be ready for life and be the best they can be 
  • We work in close partnership with parents/carers of children with Special Educational Needs and believe effective, open and honest relationships and communication are key 
  • We actively encourage and seek external professional support and guidance to inform and tailor our provision for every child 
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What is the Local Offer?

The Local Offer is a directory of information that helps families to find and access support and, through getting families feedback on the Local Offer, will become a useful tool when considering what services need to be changed and developed. All local authorities are required to have their own local offer as part of the government’s SEND reforms. More details are available by following the link below.