Welcome to Year 6

The Year 6 teaching staff team are: Miss Vorster, Mrs Norris, and Miss Hamilton.

Our classes have all been named after local landmarks / places of interest or famous people from Corby, we are: Lamport Class, Ashworth Class and East Carlton Class.

We are going to be studying and exploring 6 exciting Big Questions this academic year. These are:

Art: How can different art movements inspire us to use a variety of techniques in our own work? 

History: What makes a leader great? 

Geography: Why is the Arctic largely uninhabited?  

D.T.: How can effective design contribute to survival in the Arctic? 

Geography: How is climate change impacting life in Mexico? 

History: How did the Mayans develop into such an advanced civilisation? 

We will be working hard this year but also making lots of memories. Throughout the year, we will be artists as we learn about the impressionist era and create our own artwork in an impressionist style. We will be historians and visit local historical monuments as well as learn about the Ancient Mayan civilisation. We will also become geographers as we focus on climate change and the impact of this across the world. We will be designers, designing, making and evaluating our own clothing to help survive in the Arctic. In our weekly music lessons, we will refine the music skills we learned throughout our time at Exeter, culminating in a Summer Term showcase. We will also continue to develop our knowledge of the French language, R.E., P.S.H.E. and computing. Over the course of the year, we will have a number of trips around the local area and have visitors into school. For a more detailed overview of our curriculum, please visit the curriculum section of our website.

We have an exciting year ahead and can’t wait to share learning experiences with the children and join them on their journey through their final year of primary school. We are privileged to be able to watch them grow in confidence and flourish within themselves.

Throughout the year, parents will be invited to share their children's achievements in class, join in with the children’s experiences and come on school trips and local visits if able to volunteer some time.

Year 6 SATs

Every May, all Year 6 children across the country sit their Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) in Reading, Grammar, punctuation and Spelling (SPaG) and Maths. Year 6 SATs results are used to measure both the school and each child's progress and achievements in maths, spelling, punctuation & grammar, plus reading. The results show the progress between Year 2 and Year 6, which is really important to show what children have learnt in english and maths.

To find out more, please click on the link below to see the presentation we shared with parents.


Y6 Hoodie order 7.3.24

Useful Links

Below are some recommended links that will further enhance your child’s learning:


BBC Bitesize: This is useful if you are struggling with a particular area of Mathematics; it has fun videos and explanations to help you understand.

Hit the Button: This fun game helps improve rapid recall of times tables – a vital life skill.

Daily 10: A series of quick-fire mental mathematics questions, covering all areas of the curriculum.

Year Six Maths: Questions from every area of the curriculum that increase in difficulty the more you get correct.

Mental Maths: Use all your mental maths skills to escape the bio-rods in this exciting Mission 2100 game.

Guess My Number: Can you work out these mental maths problems? Lots of questions to get your brain cells working.



BBC Bitesize: Videos which explain every rule in the KS2 spelling curriculum.

Spelling Frame: A spelling game where every word from the KS2 spelling curriculum is included.

Spooky Spellings: This spelling game uses the words listed in the national curriculum as being ‘Common Exception Words’ or tricky words.

Prefixes and Suffixes: A game where you need to choose prefixes and suffixes to make a new word.

Look, Cover, Write and Check: A look, cover, write and check spelling site where you can test yourself on high frequency words, spelling patters, tricky words or enter your own words to easily test your knowledge.


Grammar and Punctuation:

BBC Bitesize: This is useful if you are struggling with a particular area of grammar or punctuation; it has fun videos and explanations to help you understand.

Grammarsaurus and Grammaroplois: A selection of fun videos, which explain tricky grammar concepts in an interesting and meaningful way.

Trapped-Punctuation: Three punctuation games where you need to punctuated paragraphs and sentences to gain the Key of Freedom to escape from the tower.

Word Types: This site is quite a challenge as you have to spot different types of words, like prepositions and adverbs in action and highlight them.

SATS Quizzes: Questions from past papers, which are marked in real time.



BBC Bitesize: This is useful if you are struggling with a particular area of reading; it has fun videos and explanations to help you understand.

Deduction-Trapped: Play deductive reasoning games and escape from the tower. You need to read the passage of the book and see what you can find out from it.

Finding Information: A spooky literacy game about finding information.

Deduction: A game where you need to use your deduction skills to read and follow instructions to make journeys on a map.

Non-Fiction Game: A game where you need to select an appropriate title, text and picture to suit three non-fiction types of writing.

Reading Comprehension: A large selection of interactive, self-checking reading comprehension activities.

Poetry Comprehension: Learn about important English terms by answering the questions, moving on to the next verse and completing as many tasks as you can.

Read Theory: In these reading comprehension exercises, students read a short story and then answer questions about details in the story.



BBC Bitesize (Creative Writing): This is useful if you are struggling with a particular area of story writing; it has fun videos and explanations to help you understand.

BBC Bitesize (Language): This is useful if you are struggling with a particular aspect of language; it has fun videos and explanations to help you understand.

Creepy Verbs and Adverbs: Transform a boring horror story into a bestseller by selecting effective verbs and adverbs to increase its impact and make it more exciting.

Points of View Newspaper Report: Read and listen to two witness reports of a skateboarding accident and learn about how journalists structure newspaper reports and use verbs, adverbial phrases and pronouns to create an effect.

Paragraphs: A game where you need to choose the text with the correct paragraphs.

Story Planning: An English game which shows the importance of using the right words for your story. You need to choose suitable words to match the theme.

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