Easter Break

Happy Easter Year Six! We know this Easter is probably very different to what you are used to but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things you can do with the people you live with. As it is the Easter holidays, there is no work for you to do for the next fortnight but we have put together some activities you might like to try. Remember, it is important to stay in your house and garden and only see the people you live with. We will still be available via Dojo and email so please do keep in touch; we would love to see photos of the activities you complete.


Screen Free Activities

We all love technology but is important to have some ‘screen-free’ time. There are some ideas here and below, there are 25 things screen-free things to try from pobble 365. How many can you complete at home?

If you have any building bricks at home, you might like to try the 30-day lego challenge?

Now would also be a brilliant time to start a diary or journal – it could be a primary source for historians in years to come!


Helping Out

While we are all at home, it is important that we are helping out! We will be awarding lots of effort marks to children who complete jobs at home. Just ask your adult to send a message on the Dojo. Ask your adults what would be most helpful for you to do. We have put some ideas below but your adults at home will know best.

  • Tidy your bedroom
  • Put away everything of yours that isn’t where it should be
  • Wash up
  • Help an adult with cooking
  • Play a game with a younger sibling
  • Sort the washing (including pairing all the odd socks!)
  • Wipe the kitchen surfaces
  • Brush and hoover the floors


Virtual Tours

Although you might not be able to leave your house, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun days out. Here is a list of virtual tours you can take from the comfort of your own home. When you have done one, you could write a guide for future visitors!



Now is a fantastic time to get creative; below, there is a 30-day creativity challenge. How many different ways can you complete each day? You might like to design things on the computer or use things that you can find around your house – it is totally up to you!

There are also some really great origami ideas, which you might like to try. If you make anything, please do send us a picture.

If you love art, then you might like these step-by-step drawing tutorials, which show you how to draw everything from castles to sharks!


Keeping Active

Even though we can only exercise outside once a day, there are still loads of things you can do in your home. There are some great yoga videos designed for older children. Some of our favourites are: Yoga for the Classroom; Yoga for Kids ; Yoga for Teens and Yoga for Stress Relief.  If you fancy something a little more active, Joe Wicks has loads of great workouts on his YouTube channel.



Even in Easter, there is always time for some learning. Keep going on TT Rockstars – we will be awarding lots of effort marks for this. There are also lots of ideas for games you can play on the school website. If science is more your thing, there are some great experiments you can do below, all with things you will probably have around your home (thanks to @MrsBPriStem on twitter).


Activities & Challenges


25 Screen Free Activities

30 Day Creativity Challenge

Lego Challenge

Science Activities