Week 8

Learning Project WEEK 9 – Sports

Age Range: KS1

Weekly Reading Tasks

Weekly Phonics Tasks

  • Monday– Provide your child with a bag and ask them to collect items to go in it that relate to a well-known story. If they can’t find an item, they could draw a picture instead. Ask them to use the objects in the story bag to retell the familiar story
  • Monday – The word ‘sport’ contains the sound ‘or’. Ask your child to list as many words as they can containing the ‘or’ sound. Your child might identify words that contain an alternative spelling for ‘or’ such as oor/ore/aw/au.



  • Tuesday – Talk to your child about a hero from a book they have read recently, for example the Prince from Rapunzel or Mulan. Ask them to draw the hero or heroes from a story and list adjectives to describe their appearance and personality.
  • Tuesday – Play the Solve, Shoot, Score spelling game on the Premier League Primary Stars. Encourage your child to write down the words spelt and add sound buttons.

Wednesday -our child can listen to the Cbeebies story ‘Martin the Mouse’ (click here). Ask your child to record the main events from this sporty story. They can draw the events, write sentences or even retell the story orally in their own words

Wednesday – Ask your child to list words to describe athletes or their sporting hero. For example, strong, winner, speedy. Can they use these words to write descriptive sentences about athletes?

  • Thursday – Ask your child to choose and read a healthy recipe from a recipe book. If you have the ingredients, why not follow the recipe together?
  • Friday – Watch and listen to ‘The Little Princess: I Want to Win’ based on the Tony Ross book. Talk to your child after this about how the Little Princess felt each time she won a game. Can they think of a time they felt like the Little Princess?
  • Friday -Ask your child to add the ‘ing’ suffix to these verbs: jump, skip, hike, throw, catch, kick, smile, run & shout e.g. jump + ing = jumping. Which root words need the ‘e’ removing first?

Weekly Writing Tasks

Weekly Maths Tasks

  • Monday – Has your child got a favourite sportsperson? This could be their P.E. teacher! Ask them to write an information booklet about this person.
  • Monday – Play a board game together so that your child can practise their counting and the language of position and direction. Maybe Snakes and Ladders?
  • Tuesday – Ask your child to think of questions they’d love to ask their favourite athlete. They could write a list of questions using a range of questions words such as ‘when’, ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’. Your child could then answer their own questions in the role as their hero.
  • Tuesday – Place an object on the ground and use positional language such as forward, backwards, up, down, left and right to direct them to the object. You could switch roles and get your child to give the directions. If you wanted to make it harder, you could use a blindfold but be extra careful!
  • Wednesday – Visit the Literacy Shed for this wonderful resource on The Catch or your child could write their own sporting story featuring their hero.
  • Wednesday – Play ‘Catch’ with your child using a ball or anything else that can be thrown safely. Instead of counting in 1s each time the ball is caught, ask your child to only count every second, fifth or tenth catch.
  • Thursday – Can your child design a poster all about teamwork? This could be linked to your family and how you all have to work together as a team.
  • Thursday – Encourage your child to play this NRICH activity to develop their understanding of positional language.
  • Friday – Ask your child to design a gold medal and present it to somebody deserving within the household. Why have they chosen this person? Ask them to write a few sentences and include the word ‘and’, ‘because’ and ‘if’.
  • Friday – Each member of the family could have a go at the Long Jump. Ask your child to measure the length of each jump using a measuring tape and record the lengths. Who jumped the furthest? Who had the shortest jump? What was the difference between the shortest and longest jump?

Learning Project – to be done throughout the week

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about sports and games. Learning may focus on the history of sport, sporting-heroes, physical challenges and performance.


Obstacle Course Fun- Task your child with designing and making their very own obstacle course in the garden. Ask them to draw and label their design first and include all of the equipment they need. They can then use their design to create their obstacle course. Ask the family to complete the obstacle course whilst your child times them. Your child could even make medals from tin-foil or any other suitable material and present them to the winner during a winner’s ceremony.


Make a Family Mascot– Your child could make their very own family mascot using materials from around the house. First of all, visit the Olympic Mascot Official list here and look at past mascots. What makes a good mascot? What qualities does the mascot represent?


Remarkable Routines– Can your child create their very own simple routine, just like a gymnast, dancer or synchronised swimmer? Start by watching a video of a routine together, here are some suggestions: men’s gymnastic routine, synchronised swimming routine. After this, your child can choose a piece of music to practise their routine to. When they are confident, why not film your child’s sequence and share it online using Dojo’s. Watch the performance together- what does your child think went well? What could be even better?


Terrific Team Kits– Ask your child to design their very own team kit. They should consider the flag of the country that they would represent and how to incorporate these colours into the design. They could draw the design with a pencil or use a computer program to do this.