World Book Day – Thursday 4th March

World book day is something we have always embraced at Exeter to promote a love of reading and allow children to share their favourite books and stories with us.

This year world book day takes place on Thursday 4th March and we want to ensure that children at home and at school can both enjoy the day. We have lots of exciting activities for the children to complete, including a masked reader game and activities based around the book ‘Wonder’ by Faye Henson. There will be a live assembly at 9am to introduce the day to children and a link will be posted on ClassDojo for this.

As essential part of reading is vocabulary and we want to introduce children to as many new words as possible. We are therefore asking all children (both at home and at school) to ‘dress up as a word’. This also means that there is no need to go and purchase a costume. We have put some ideas below and we are sure you will have lots of your own. Children at home and school will then show their costumes to the class and explain what word they represent.

  • Clumsy: wearing bandages and plasters
  • Exhausted: pyjamas, messy hair and bags under eyes
  • Monochrome: black and white
  • Illuminated: fairy lights
  • Fragile: covered in bubble wrap
  • Puzzled: puzzle pieces

The possibilities really are endless and we are so excited to see all of the wonderful costumes children wear and hear about their words. Please ensure that your child can still fully move safely in their costume!