At Exeter a learning community we endeavour to promote the importance of Physical Education and a healthy lifestyle to all children across the school. We encourage participation in a wide range of opportunities, including through our extracurricular activities and through the festivals and competitions we partake in throughout the year. We offer a range of creative and exciting PE lessons delivered by a sports coaches giving the children opportunity to learn and try activities, gain physical skills but also develop their skills of sportsmanship for future life. We strive to offer as many experiences to the children as possible, to ensure they develop a passion for physical activity and a deep understanding of health and wellbeing.


We are committed to the well-being of our children and want to ensure that each and every child at Exeter a learning community develops a high level of self-esteem, a sense of confidence and feeling their place in the world. We’ll guide them to improve their concentration and they will learn how to feel and understand their emotions, and the emotions of others.