• A love of writing.
  • A vivid imagination which makes readers engage with and enjoy their writing.
  • The ability to write fluently and in detail for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences throughout the curriculum.
  • Well-organised and structured writing.
  • An extensive vocabulary and an excellent knowledge of writing techniques including correct use of grammar and punctuation for effect.
  • Excellent transcription skills that ensure fluency, legibility and speed in their handwriting.

At Exeter, we recognise that writing is integral to all aspects of life and we therefore endeavour to ensure that children develop a lifelong, healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards writing. The skill of writing enables pupils to become effective communicators, who are able to document and convey their experiences, knowledge and ideas.  Creating a culture of writing in our school ensures our children are given the best opportunities to build their capacity and confidence in a range of writing styles.

By creating a stimulating writing environment and utilising ‘The Write Stuff’ approach, we are determined to provide all pupils with a supportive writing curriculum which will allow them to recognise their full potential and develop their writing skills for life.

Writing skills not only underpin most elements of the school curriculum but are also essential life skills. Considering the fundamental importance of writing in everyday life, we are determined to develop each learner’s writing ability, enabling them to play a full part in society.

Each year, children write across a range of genres, utilising a range of exciting stimuli, including books, videos and experiences. The document below shows the range of genres and texts that children will write during their journey at Exeter. For a more detailed overview of each year group’s writing journey, please see the individual year group plans.